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Riverwood House is located in East Nashville [37216] on a small corner joining Riverwood Drive and Olga Avenue. The lengthy Drive runs parallel to Moss Rose and Brush Hill roads. These beautiful roads slightly wind parallel to the Cumberland River. The sound of fog horns are common and on a given day one might see kayakers floating peacefully North up the River. Fortunately, we are surrounded by many trees providing a diverse environment for birds, especially owls! In addition to trees, many surrounding businesses have taken root nearby - Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Park, Pied Piper Eatery, Watanabe restaurant, SIP Cafe, and many more...

Beth Seiters opened her home to families with young children in the summer of 2009 for the first Summer Creative Arts Intensive. This particular program invited children between the ages of 2 and 7. For four weeks, children explored painting/drawing, collage, weaving, book-making, and baking.

The Riverwood House children's program evolved into a Montessori/Reggio Emilia program in the Fall 2009. The program is for families with young children between the ages 2 and 6 years old. Full Time and Day Out options are available including a Summer program.

 background influences and educational approach?

Educationally, Riverwood House's path is that of Dr. Maria Montessori's influences on early childhood development [physical, psychosocial, and cognitive]. Additionally, we tend to gravitate towards the Italian-based Reggio Emilia approach to creative development while building a sustainable community. Both "approaches" propel such focuses for the program - transformation with the seasons and its effects on the body and the environment; developing a sustainable and conflict resolution community for young children and families; and, most importantly, nurturing all types of growth and the child's need for exploration, orientation, and order.

Who directs the program?

Beth Seiters is a native of Tennessee. Due to her deep passion for creativity, Beth attended the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga [home-town] to fulfill further study of how to propel such an important aspect of human development. Majoring in ceramics and then painting and drawing, she extended her studies in art with anthropology and environmental sciences. Professional development deepened when traveling to London for a painting class in the summer of 2001. Needless to say, East Nashville comforted her artistic background professionally. The little part of town, luckily, embraced her eccentricities.

The fascination with the development of learning and human dynamics deepened with the birth and growing relationships with her three children. From caregiving to interaction with her own children, she wanted to know more about how to observe and guide these little creatures; and, to understand the development of early human development. Beth entered the Master's of Art in Teaching [TN teaching licensure preK-3] at Belmont in the Fall 2006. Receiving her AMS certification in Early childhood in the Summer 2008 and the completion of the Master's program in Summer 2009, Beth wanted to extend her knowledge through embracing her local surroundings and open her home to families with young children creating a natural environment as well as a home atmosphere for practicing acceptance, independence, and exploration. The journey will be a LONG one.

Why will the journey be a "LONG one"?

Well, we have only begun! We have a list of goals or rather a diagram of fresh ideas such as continuing the support from the family/parent/community in East Nashville; following Department of Human Services licensing requirements, farm outreach project, work towards the recognition of a non-profit organization, and,

a child's growth is never-ending and never-the-less...

So welcome to the Riverwood House community for young children
[families and the community]


Riverwood House
fall/spring 2012.2013

September 4, first day of fall program

October 5-12, Autumn break

November 6, parent-teacher meetings, no program

November 21-23, Thanksgiving Break

*December 20-January 4, Winter Break*

January 7, first day of spring program

January 21, in observance-MLK, no program

February 18, professional development, no program

March 15-29, spring break


May 24, last day of spring program


Currently, Riverwood House has limited availability to families with children between the ages 2 and 6 for the Summer 2012 and Autumn/Winter 2012.  Please contact Beth for more information:

Beth Seiters
1604 Riverwood Drive
Nashville TN 37216

Gardening at Riverwood House

Riverwood House is making the efforts to follow Alice Waters', Principles of an Edible Education. The principles are as follows as derived from her book, Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea [2008]:

*Food is an academic subject
*School provides lunch for every child
*Schools support farms
*Children learn by doing
*Beauty is a language



White sage
Italian leaf parsley
English lavender
Basil, Italian large leaf Ocimum basilicum
Cilantro, Santo Coriandrum sativum

Lettuce, black seeded Simpson
Mixed variety
Swiss chard, five color silverbeet Beta vulgaris [Cicla group]

Hot peppers/bell peppers
pickling Cucumber
Snow peas, Oregon sugar pod Pisum sativum
variety of Carrots
french breakfast radishes


Variety of wildflowers

we have indoor and outdoor composting



under construction...


What would a children's community be without an embracing group of people and establishments?

Frist Center for the Visual arts: Martin Artquest and courtyard


Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Greenway

Grassmere Zoo and the Historic Croft Mansion and Farm

Nature Play at Edwin Warner

Nature Play at Shelby Bottoms


If you are interested in giving a workshop or have a special request, please contact Beth Seiters with an objective and proposal. Riverwood House asks that workshops relate to the arts, the environment, community, and education.